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Student & Campus Life昌都捷成汇商贸有限公司



Students come to Cornell from all over the world. By the time they leave, they have learned and grown personally and intellectually, and have developed deep bonds that keep them coming back to campus for the rest of their lives. 

Student & Campus Life is dedicated to helping students thrive in all stages of their Cornell career through student organization involvement, living and learning opportunities, New Student Programs, and a multitude of leadership and engagement experiences.

Student life at Cornell isn't just about what takes place in the classroom, lab and library. While you explore academically and build on your education, you'll also have countless opportunities to pursue your favorite activities, discover new interests, refine your skills and build lifelong friendships. To help you find your place at Cornell, we offer thousands of ways to supplement your studies: more than 1,000 student organizations, hundreds of opportunities to serve the Ithaca community, 60 sororities and fraternities, intramural and club sports teams and leagues, opportunities to cheer on Cornell Big Red student athletes,  outdoor adventure and climbing trips, and so much more.

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